suite_txt Solutions Using Innovative Technologies for Enterprises

EnviroApps, Inc., has successfully demonstrated using current technologies in various applications including, but not limited to pharmaceutical, environmental, automobile, bio informatics...

News star_icon At EnviroApps, we are dedicated to bring solutions to modern challenges using Innovative Technologies.


Our proprietary Solutions Using Innovative Technologies for Enterprises offers custom made solutions for business process improvement and enterprise information technology with emphasis on your bottom line. We provide solutions in the field of CRM, ERP, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Oracle DBA, J2EE Stack and high end E-Commerce.

Our proprietary tools can help enterprises in generating customized DW Report with minimal user inputs. Enterprise quality reports are available as templates and you can view the health of your company in few clicks. SUITE is the pefect solution for enterprises who want to keep their company date at their finger tips available online 24X7.

Our proprietary automated and customization tools allow every resource in your enterprise to collaborate and be highly interactive in resolving their needs. Fast paced enterprises require a high speed communication and collaboration system and SUITE is the perfect answer for an enterprise looking for a perfect collaboration system.

Our team of Database experts have created tool for automating various Database administrative tasks for enterprise DB setup. These tools will work together by taking the enterprise logic in terms of Rules and in turn keep the DB optimized dynamically keeping the throughput efficient.