Electronic Stability Testing Analysis and Reporting -
Manages stability testing, data analysis and reporting

We are the developers of affordable innovative quality control data management software for stability and annual product review tracking. For the last fifteen years, we have provided our clients with tools for data management, evaluation, and report generation that emphasize our principle goal of meeting our client's regulatory responsibilities

EAPHARMICS eSTAR stability software is a web based application integrated with oracle database to monitor all type of pharmaceutical ( including controlled drug substances and biological products ) stability programs. EAPHARMICS eSTAR is exceptionally suitable software for international regulatory guidelines like United States Food Drug Administration-USFDA, Therapeutic Products Programme-TPP, International Conference on Harmonisation-ICH, Therapeutic Goods Administration-TGA, National Institute of Health Sciences - NIHS and European Medicines Agency EMA of European Union EU guidelines. The software is designed for pre-clinical, R& D and Post market for Innovator/Generic pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Stability Software

To meet the stability requirements set forth by FDA; EAPHARMICS has developed the eSTAR software package that handles all the requirements of a full-scale stability program. Sample management, report generation, and statistical evaluations are made available through an intuitive user interface that allows the experienced and occasional user the same level of comfort. The system also maintains multilevel security that ensures 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Data from Stability Chambers

Data maintained for the complete stability dcycle.

Reliable Accuate and Secure

Accuate data available securly with reliablity

Accurate Stability Reports

Final stability reports are accurate for submitting

One secure database powered by Oracle

Secure access from anywhere in the world via internet

Barcode and QR Code Lables

Samples easiliy trackable with barcode and QR Codes

Secure Accurate Reliable Miodules

Stability Testing, Simplified.

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